Gain a certificate in Garden Design

Regular readers will know by now that we run accredited RHS courses. But did you also know that we offer our very own Winterbourne certificate in Garden Design?

Created by Rudge Wood Horticulture CIC, the curriculum will give new learners the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skillset to transform any outdoor space.

Our Learning Officer, Eleanor Hill sat down with course instructors, Darren Rudge and Helen Wood to find out more.

EH: You both have years of teaching experience and already run your own garden design practices; what made you want to combine those two areas and create a bespoke garden design certificate?

DR: We wanted to deal with some of the real-world challenges of being a modern garden designer. The certificate helps to equip those wanting to enter the world of garden design with the skills to compete in a competitive market and have a rewarding career.

EH: What skills would someone learn by taking this course?

HW: The course includes site surveying techniques, collecting, and finalising client briefs, concept planning, draughting skills and project management. Throughout the course, they’ll get to work on five garden projects. One of these will form as part of their application for the BBC Gardeners’ World Live for the chance to present a show border.

EH: November is often known as a month to celebrate lifelong learning; I feel that this fits in well with our set up at Winterbourne.

HW: This is only the second year we have offered the certificate, and we’ve already seen a broad range of leaners, from people in their twenties to those above retirement age. It’s proving that it is never too late to learn something new.

EH: Any final thoughts?

DR: Garden design has been a great career for me as it has given me the privilege to be a part of a diverse range of projects and benefit from some fantastic rewards. Helen and I look forward to our third year of supporting learners and providing them with the tools to expand their knowledge working with plants, and creating unique outdoor spaces

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