Take a guided meditative well-being walk around our beautiful garden

Two of our Members and supporters run a fantastic company that offers well-being coaching for everyone and academic coaching for young people, their parents and teachers to empower them to raise aspirations and achieve goals through compassionate and holistic learning. They know how much people are missing Winterbourne and have very generously put together a wonderful guided meditative well-being walk around the garden for you to enjoy.

“Enjoy Winterbourne Gardens with our guided imagery walk. A walk in nature can result in feelings of calm and happiness and we have evolved in nature, so it’s not surprising that connecting back to it can help to restore and uplift our general well-being. There’s been a lot of research into this area and a study published in 2019 (White et al) showed a total weekly time of two hours or more spent in nature, whether that be in one visit or several shorter visits, resulted in increased self-reports of well-being. Other research has also shown we can gain some of the same benefits by accessing images of Nature, its sounds, smells and textures. We would like to thank Winterbourne House and Gardens for the opportunity for this collaborative work and hope this helps those who can’t go to the gardens, or for those who simply want to be transported back there, to enjoy them from afar.”

Kim and Ram, RAAG Coaching

Just click on the image below, sit back, relax and let Kim transport you into 10 minutes of restorative Winterbourne.

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