Botanical Arts & Crafts

Twenty-five years ago, a group of graduates from the University of Birmingham’s Certificate of Higher Education in Botanical Illustration course (which took place at Winterbourne) decided they wanted to continue their studies and formed the Birmingham Society of Botanical Artists (BSBA).

This exhibition of botanical illustrations, paintings and crafts celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary of the BSBA.  Like the Arts and Craft movement, so well represented here at Winterbourne, BSBA members have taken the natural structures and patterns of plants as their inspiration. Pictures also allow us to study these wonders and are a way of bringing nature into our homes to celebrate the pleasure that it brings to our lives.

The display also serves to highlight the history, ethos and delights of Winterbourne House and Garden.

The exhibition will take place in the Art Gallery spaces on the second floor of the house.

The BSBA welcomes new members.  For details of meetings and membership, please see their website: