Pippi, Queen of Selly Park

Not too long ago we introduced you to the pets of Winterbourne, the furry friends our staff members share their lives with. But what about our volunteers? Meet Pippi, a globe-trotting cat who lives with shop volunteer Bronwyn. Bronwyn shares her story.

Pippi came into our lives whilst we were fostering for a cat rescue charity in Auckland, New Zealand. She was only a few weeks old and could fit snugly on the palm of my husband’s hand. Having been rescued from a dangerous situation on the streets she didn’t get off to the best of starts. Already her tail had been fractured, which had left it with a pronounced kink.

It soon became apparent that Pippi had other issues, mainly with her sight. The vet eye specialist in Auckland pronounced her congenital condition as “one of the most rare and spectacular I have ever seen.” None of this stopped Pippi from being a full on, non-stop kitten though. She raced around the house taking on adult cats in her still characteristic fearless and feisty manner.

It quickly became apparent that Pippi’s weekend stay with us was going to become more permanent; she had made a little Pippi-shaped hole in our hearts and we simply couldn’t let her go. Dozens more foster kitties came and went; Pippi welcomed them all as a queen welcomes new subjects to her realm.

When we relocated to Birmingham last year, we were anxious about Pippi: how would she manage that long trip? With trepidation we opened the door of the carrier that had brought halfway around the world to us. She ambled out, gave us her best regal stare, quickly found the cosiest spot in the house, curled up and went to sleep. To our immense relief, it was business as usual.

Five-year-old Pippi currently resides in Selly Park with her two human servants. She is discovering a whole new world of plants, insects, weather (like snow!) and wildlife.