‘Book-Object-Art’ exhibition

Contemporary art has landed at Winterbourne in an exciting new venture!

Historic properties are often the setting for modern art displays. Sometimes these can feel inappropriate, with the old and the new fighting against one another. On the other hand, if the artworks complement the site, the result can be truly extraordinary. And this is the case with our brand-new exhibition, ‘Book-Object-Art’.

This unique exhibition enhances our displays at Winterbourne, while providing a stunning context for the artworks themselves. But how did the exhibition come about?

Artist and designer Phil Cleaver first visited Winterbourne in 2021, when he did some typesetting in the Winterbourne Press. He brought along one of his artworks and set it down amongst the house displays. It immediately became apparent that his fabulous ‘folded book’ objects would slot perfectly into Winterbourne, and the idea for ‘Book-Object-Art’ was born!

In February 2022, the exhibition opened in our brand-new art gallery space on the second floor, and objects were installed amongst our room displays.

Phil creates his artworks from vintage books and a variety of objects he has acquired over the years. They have a distinct ‘period feel’ as a result and sit amongst our Edwardian collections as though they have always been there. However, if you look closely, you will find contemporary references too. Phil brings objects together in ways that make you think, question, and sometimes laugh.

The artworks have been beautifully photographed in situ at Winterbourne by award-winning photographer Adrian Bradshaw. His images are featured in a magnificent catalogue and feature on a range of postcards available in our gift shop.

‘Book-Object-Art’ will be on show until September. Don’t miss this unique marriage of the old with the new!

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