Totally Curious, Ever Inventive

Berthold Wolpe and Margaret Wolpe.

15th September 2023 to 11th February 2024

This exhibition features the work of a married couple, designer Berthold Wolpe and artist Margaret Wolpe.

Margaret Wolpe practised the arts of making almost every day of her life, whether she was sculpting, illustrating a book, painting a portrait, or creating jewellery from the most unexpected of materials.  Berthold Wolpe was a master of calligraphy and type design, a prolific dustjacket artist, and a polymath, with a magpie curiosity for collecting anything that could fuel his imagination.

Berthold’s designs for Faber & Faber book covers will be familiar to many.  His font ‘Albertus’, designed in 1932, is still in regular use in printed media, television and street signage.  Margaret worked across a range of media, taking commissions from publishers, individuals and even the National Trust.

The artistic partnership of this ever-inquisitive couple is displayed in this joint exhibition for the first time.  The exhibition can be found in the Art Gallery and Exhibition Room on the second floor of the house.