Spot the Difference

Winterbourne’s Collections Officer, Henrietta, has been celebrating our 10th anniversary and keeping us amused by recreating some pictures on display around the house. These recreations are a bit different from what you might normally expect as they are done utilising Hen’s own personal collection…Barbie dolls!

Greatly enjoyed by the team here at Winterbourne we had to share them with you too.

This picture was taken of the Nettlefold Family in 1904, shortly before they moved to Winterbourne. Hen’s recreation does an excellent job of capturing all of the detail!

This Portrait of Margaret was painted by Byam Shaw and is perhaps one of the most iconic on display in the house. The original painting is very dark and Hen has brought to life lots of hidden details in this recreation. You can even see Snuff, the family dog, hiding under the table!

This photograph was taken of Evelyn Nettlefold and her cat ‘Tiddles’ between 1900 – 1903. The family loved their pets and there are a number of photos of them in the archives.


Hen’s final recreation was perhaps our favourite. This photograph of John Nicholson, the final private owner of the house, was taken in 1937 and depicts him standing next to the majestic Gunnera at the bottom of the garden. The common name for Gunnera is ‘Giant Rhubarb’ and this inspired Hen when recreating the image. She was lucky to spy some Rhubarb growing in her neighbour’s garden and put it to good use!


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