What the Dickens?!

Join Foghorn Productions for an evening of crowd-rousing melodrama guaranteed to delight.

The World of Charles Dickens has never been more interactive and inviting that in this fast-moving, comedy romp. Preposterous names, ludicrous coincidences and crowd rousing melodrama will delight and astound you, we’ll wager a hundred gold sovereigns!

Join us and watch the fate of unruly urchins and penny pinching priests as they struggle in their journey to find love and fortune, against adversity, poverty and wickedness.

Join us in sumptuous drawing rooms, murky streets and smoky taverns to meet sailors, snobs and silk laden ladies.

Oh and by the way, the audience invent the show’s title – so no two performances are ever the same!


There will be two performances. One on Saturday 2nd December at 5.30pm and one on Sunday 3rd December at 5.30 pm.

The show will run for one hour, without an interval.