Online History Talk – English Flower Gardens in the Early 17th Century

Join Dr Jill Francis for a talk called: ‘The chiefest for choyce, and fariest for shew’ English Flower Gardens in the 17th Century.

Before the heyday of the English landscape garden or the herbaceous flower border, plants were grown in the garden mainly for their ‘uses and virtues’, for food, medicines, dyes and fragrance. But during the opening decades of the seventeenth century, as new plants started to be introduced from abroad, all this began to change. This talk traces the rise in importance of the ornamental flower garden.

Jill is an early modern historian, specialising in gardens and gardening in the late-sixteenth and early-seventeenth centuries. Her first book Gardens and Gardening in Early Modern England and Wales, was published by Yale University Press in June 2018.

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We have another garden history talk happening on the 29th April entitled ‘Flora Domestica’. Please see the event listing for details.

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