Book-Object-Art – Phil Cleaver


22nd February to 2nd September 2022

One of Phil Cleaver's art pieces in situ in the Nursery at Winterbourne House and Garden

Book-Object-Art is an exciting exhibition by Phil Cleaver, an award-winning artist, graphic designer and author.  Phil creates intriguing works of art using old books and vintage objects.  At Winterbourne, he is mounting his biggest exhibition yet.  Over fifty works of art will be displayed, some in the brand new art gallery on the 2nd floor, and the rest integrated into Winterbourne’s room displays.  Phil’s work has a period feel and blends beautifully into the Arts and Crafts setting of Winterbourne.

A brief guide to the exhibition will be available free of charge at reception, and a full catalogue will be on sale in the gift shop.

One of Phil Cleaver's art pieces in situ in the Old Kitchen at Winterbourne House and Garden

Phil Cleaver is Professor in the Creative Industries at Middlesex University.  He lectures worldwide on creativity and design.  Some of his book designs are held in the Victoria & Albert Museum’s National Art Library.